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Your partner for all your drilling needs

Your Partner For All Your Drilling Needs

Product Range

Noxer Dry Core Drill Bits

  • Available in standard diameters: 20’ – 300’ mm (laser welded)

  • Special design diamond patterned for optimal diamond release in dry conditions

  • Developed and tested by the leading global segment producers

  • Product range differentiated for professionals and beginners

  • Tested in different materials to ensure optimal performance

wet core 160 mm 3x4.png

Noxer Wet Core Drill Bits

  • Available in standard diameters: 20’ – 300’ mm (laser welded)

  • Specially developed diamond segments for wet drilling

  • Tailor made and field tested diamond segments

  • Segment range designed to cover wide spectrum of applications

  • Optimized speed/lifetime ratio depending on your needs 

Noxer Socket Drill Bits 3x4.png

Noxer Socket Drill Bits

  • 82 mm socket drill bits with M16 thread for standard use

  • Manufactured in-house from single piece steel bar to withstand extreme force

  • Developed for different materials and work application

  • Supports Micro-Percussion technology

  • Created for professionals using special compound diamonds   

all accessories.png

Noxer Accessories 

  • Noxer centering adapter SDS - M16 with magnetic quick changing coupling 

  • Centering rings for Noxer dry core drill bits 

  • Adaptors for different threads (UNC, R 1/2, Pixie, M16), extensions (100-500 mm)

  • Sharpening stones for Noxer core drill bits

drill tube 3x4.png

Core drill tubes

  • Laser welded and calibrated 

  • Sourced from trusted German partners with over 20 years of experience

  • Various connection types (UNC, R 1/2, Pixie, M41 etc.) 

  • Individual orders for custom length and diameter 

Diamond Segments 3x4.png

Diamond Segments

  • Sourced from the leading German/South Korean segment producers 

  • Segments can be customized for specific needs and materials 

  • Welded ”in-house” with Dr. Fritsch machine (2022) using Trumpf laser scanner function (zigzag laser beam)

weka DK32 3x4.png

Industry leading Weka machines

  • Sourced from Germany

  • Industry leading drilling machines 

  • From hand-held machines to Mammot and Jumbo machines (up to Ø 900 mm)

  • Trusted by most professional drilling companies  

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