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Our mission

Our Mission

Noxer is about bringing the highest quality diamond tools from the production line directly to the end user. We will never compromise on quality and will only use proven, time tested components for our drill bits. We strive to constantly improve our tools so that our clients always get the best durability, performance and value.

Our goal is to customize every drill bits specifically for your needs. So we will help you choose the right segments, length and type of the drill for your job.

Our family has been manufacturing drilling products for global clients for more than 20 years so we know how to make quality, innovative tools.  

We are manufacturers and we want to speak directly with you – not a middle man. This way we can ensure you have the right drill bits when you need them.

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Our approach

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Our Story

Twenty-five years ago, when we began our business, we had no idea how far we would come. Starting small, we have since earned the trust of some of the world's leading brands in the automotive and industrial sectors.

Our focus on putting clients first and continuous innovation has been key in building long-lasting relationships. We are proud to have expanded and grown the business, and are excited to have my son and son-in-law join me as partners.

Arvydas Dumasius

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